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Family Based Permanent Residence

Many people obtain permanent residence through family members. U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are both eligible to petition for certain family members.

Applications for family by US citizens

US citizens can file for the following categories of family members

  • Immediate relatives

    • Spouse

    • Parents

    • Children under the age of 21

    • Step children under 21 if the step parent relationship was created before the child’s 18th birthday

  • Family preference categories

    • Unmarried sons and daughters (over 21) F-1)

    • Married children (any age) (F-3)

    • Brothers and sisters (F-4)

There is a limit on the number of preference category applications that can be filed in any year. There are substantial waits for visas in many categories.

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Applications for family by permanent residents

Green card holders can petition for the following relatives under the preference categories.

  • Spouse (F-2A)

  • Children under 21 (F-2A)

  • Unmarried sons and daughters over 21 (F-2B)

  • Other family categories

Battered spouse (VAWA)

  • Fiancée visa (K-1)

  • V non immigrant

  • Widow of US citizen

  • Person born in the US to a diplomat